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Luminous Pearl is a Jordanian publishing and distribution company based in Amman-Jordan. The owners of Luminous Pearl are the very authors of the books produced by the company. They are also former authors of other prestigious Social Studies books such as, "Living Together" and "For a Better World" which are still winning wide acclaim in all educational circles all over the world.

The authors aim at producing books of a top educational standard oriented toward customer satisfaction and quality improvement to be an international market leader, planning as well to provide consultations and resources along its publications. Moreover, they work to ensure a high level of authenticity in marketing, promoting, and distributing the publications, in addition to the value proposition Luminous Pearl is offering.

Thus, Luminous Pearl published "Roots & Wings" and "Our World".  An initial issue of the books which have already been printed  in November 2011 is directed at students receiving their education at international schools all over the world.